CRM1 is an on-line Customer Relationship Management System. An on-line system means that data is always the most up todate; notes from sales are updated live; sales management reports are always based on the latest information from all users.

CRM1's heritage is as one of the world's first on-line CRM system being used in world-wide multi-office application. It was not offered commercially until recently.

Why is CRM1 different?

  • CRM1 has powerful emailing capabilities, with very flexible and powerful mailmerge functions. Its bullt in mail system is extremely fast and can send 1000's of emails per minute.
  • CRM1 integrates with all the 1SecureWeb applications such as Recruitment, Project Manager etc
  • CRM1 integrates with your on-line marketing and can collect your sales enquiries directly. There are standard widgets suitable for both business to business and business to consumer sales. Customised widgets can be made for you quickly in house style and with customised fields collecting the information that you need.