Your Outsource IT Department

By outsourcing your IT, your business is cared for 24/7 for less than the cost of your own department. We specialise in providing World Wide Support. Our Services include server management, hosting, firewall and VPN management, Application hosting and Email hosting.It's not always about cost, but we know that today it is essential for businesses the world over to control their costs and commitments.. Did you know that using a server in a data centre is cheaper than buying your own. This also give you the flexibility to bring in new server resources as needed that can also be ended when not needed. Upgrading can be considered without having to think about the old equipment. You can control your costs on a monthly basis. Expanding or cutting back as required for your business

Likewise with your IT support. If you run a worldwide business, you do not need to employ your own staff 24 hours a day.

1SecureWeb support 24/7 so that you don't have the costs of doing that in house. We can fix your costs lower than they are today by providing a shared expertise without the overheads.