Casting and Assembly Management

If spin casting, also known as centrifugal rubber mouldcasting (CRMC), is an integral part of your business whether producing yourself or subcontacting, then as your business grows you will want to find a way to manage your moulds. Whether you make jewellery or produce miniatures you will find Cast1 not only invaluable but ultimately essentional to streamlining and making your product assembly efficient.

Cast1 catalogues your moulds, the contents of each and even links to photos to help the process.

Cast1 integrates with Store1. Store1 is not only your on-line shop but also manages products which are combination of components. Cast1 handles the production of those cast components.

When you receive a customer order, the Cast1 module will list the products, the components of each product and the moulds required with the number of spins to produce the quantity required.

Likewise if you are casting for stock, by selecting quantities for each product, product will give you the component and mould spins required. This list can used to create the order for producing in your own workshop or by your casting sub-contractor