Maritime Industry Solutions

With extensive experience in the maritime industry, we are able to bring unique and relevant knowledge to implementing business systems to improve business knowledge and workflow to shipowners, managers and companies on both sides of the procurement cycle.

In addition to our maritime ranges, our business ERP systems are as relevant to the Maritime Industry as they are to businesses generally.

  • Project1: Is a simplified project system removing the complexities of traditional project planning tools
  • Store1: A stores and on-line sales system whether you sell machinery and spares or ships stores and chandlery.

E-procurement Project Management

If you are implementing e-procurement either as a purchaser or as a vendor then there are multiple choices and decisions to be made. Choice of software, customising your own software and/or using an e-procuremment platform that best suits your business and budget.

Having been influential in the e-procurement process right since the beginning, we can offer you consultancy and project management to ensure that your implementation goes to plan, within budget and achieving cost savings/profits for your business.