Web Applications (SaaS)

1SecureWeb provide a suite of integrated smERP applications that fit together like a jigsaw to match your specific business. While we have tailored solutions for a number of specific business verticals, almost any business can benefit from the 1SecureWeb business systems
  • CRM1 Customer Management & Sales Tracker
  • HR1 Recruitment & Training
  • Accounts1 Management Accounting
  • Project1 A quick to use job/task project management system
  • GDPR1 Personal Data Protection compliance management and auditing

  • Web1 Multi-language Website Management System
  • Web1 Store Webs store and sales order processing
  • Web1 Publisher: Versatile on-line document system. Manuals, proposals - almost anything in a variety of formats
  • VIP1 Membership & Mailing List Management
  • Event1 Conference Conference event project management

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Module Description Price Per month
CRM1 User
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Call tracking and reminders
  • Standard email


Telesales Manager

Telesales activity

  • Call Planning
  • Call results workflow. Sales reporting templates
  • Call back and follow up


  • Calls per day/week
  • Results by sales person


Sales Manager

Controlling your sales process is vital. How can you predict your sales over the next week/quarter/year. By product by value

The sales funnel module lets you manage, control and predict your sales. Sales personnel using the sales funnel system are motivated to achieve results.